Parking of our game truck. Will It Fit?

Some of our most common requests are either to park on the customer’s driveway or to place our trailer in the backyard. Our general response is “Probably Not”, but it helps to know what goes into our decision-making process.

Unless you have a big place, your driveway/backyard probably doesn’t have the minimum of 65 feet (roughly 4 car lengths) to accommodate both our Mobile Game Theater and the Dodge Ram 2500 that tows the trailer around.

Our other concern is the possibility of damaging your property and/or our vehicles. Our trailer often leaves unsightly tire marks on driveways. And often the driveway is at an incline of some sort, in which case the tail of the trailer might “bottom out”, thereby scraping the driveway or street.

With backyards, the issue we often encounter is whether or not the gate is wide enough. The width of the trailer is about 10 feet, and often the gate won’t accommodate the trailer. Additionally, the trailer is over 11 feet high, so the overhang from the roof comes into play as well.

We strive to make your event as trouble-free as possible, but at the same time we take the safety and well-being of your (and our!) property quite seriously! Please contact us with any questions!


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