Party Pricing

Totally Rad Laser Tag Party and COMBO Pricing:

Totally Rad Laser Tag Party
Includes use of 12 Laser Taggers (we can rotate players for larger groups), a Game Coach/Referee to instruct players and run the games, “battlefield” set up with pop-up “bunkers” and music to enhance laser tag experience.

90-Minute Parties:

2 Hours Parties:

Additional Time: $150/hour
*Plus any applicable Travel Surcharge
(See our Service Area for info)

Totally Rad COMBO Party
The BEST of Both Worlds!

Chose between Laser Tag, Nerf Wars, Foam Fun or Outdoor Gaming.

Combo Party:
3 Hour Parties:
(90 Minutes each activity)

Nerf Wars Party Rental Pricing

90 minutes:

2 hours:

Our Nerf Wars Party Includes:

  • 14 Fortnite Elite Dart Blasters
  • Tactical vests for each player
  • A Game Coach/Referee to set up the field and instruct and run games
  • Camo Pop-up “Bunkers” for cover
  • Nerf Wars Vests, Headbands and Eye protection googles for all players

Backyard Video Game Parties Pricing:

2 hours:
$399 (* This is not a game truck party! Chairs are not included)
We setup mobile dual tv stand with 2 Samsung 4K TVs, a few gaming consoles of your choice, up to 12 remotes and games at your backyard! Up to 12 players at once! Just provide the chairs! The price is $399 for 2 hours for this huge heavy duty setup. Our trained Game Coach assist with the party to ensure a memorable experience.

  • Heavy duty mobile dual tv stand with 2 samsung 4k tvs
  • A  few gaming consoles with up to 12 remotes and video games
  • Game coach to run the party and help players (up to 12 players at once)


Foam Parties Pricing:
90 minutes:

Fun for ALL ages, new and exciting, have a party that nobody else has ever had! Have a foam party in your own backyard! Our special foam formula doesn’t harm grass or clothing. We set up, we operate our foam cannon, we play family-friendly music, and we clean up! Hassle-free and stress-free for you!  Our foam parties are guaranteed to produce foam for 90 Min of fun for $379 and each additional hour is $150.

⚡️Safe on grass

⚡️Non Toxic

⚡️No age limit

⚡️Super powered foam machine with stand, Game play attendant and 90 minutes of foam solution

  • Super powered foam machine with stand
  • 3 bottles of foam solution
  • Music speaker
  • Game play attendant
  • Beach balls and pool noodles

Hydro Blaster Extreme Pricing:

60 minutes:

Unleash your guests’ competitive side as they duke it out with each other to see who can pop their opponents water balloon first. The Hydro Blaster Xtreme is a fun and exciting water game .Each player tries to pump the fastest to stay dry and douse your opponent. Perfect for parties, team-building events, or just a hot summer day. This is not only an amazing experience for the competitors, but the spectators get all excited as they cheer on their champions!

Product Size:

2′ L x 3.5′ W x 6′ H

Outdoor Yard Games Pricing:

Corn Hole (Bean Bag Toss), Giant “Jenga” Tumbling Tower and Giant Connect Four package is $100.

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