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Corporate Event

Laser tag is an excellent corporate team building event because laser tag games can be customized to help employees better understand one another and properly address issues that prevent them from effectively working together.

Laser tag games can be tailored to address a variety of corporate issues involving problem solving techniques and effective communication skills. Your corporate team needs to build real trust within the group to keep your team as productive as possible.

The team building activities should be fun, challenging and improve communication throughout the entire session.


Our games are designed with the concept of teamwork in mind. The games will force everyone to work together. On the battlefield, all are equal. Only the team with the best teamwork will win.

Corporate events

The difference between success and failure is a great team. But teamwork starts with trust. And what is a better place to find out what exactly your team is capable of, if not laser tag field. Intelligence, cunning, agility, strategy and teamwork are integral components of the game. Laser tag will not only be an excellent entertainment for the whole team, but also an effective team building event. Book a game and find out how agile is your team!

Laser tag with colleagues
Events can be arranged for a large number of participants. Missions and tasks will not only raise fighting spirit, but also an unprecedented collaboration between colleagues.

We provide Hassle free outdoor Corporate events for all ages and all physical capabilities, we take care of everything, providing you with a game coach to take care of the groups, we run the most up to date missions and setup a field.


Laser Tag scenarios that we play.

Deathmatch + Domination Scenario

In this scenario the domanation point device is placed in the middle of the location.

Teams start from opposite sides of the location. The goal of each team is to capture and hold the domination point untill the end of the game.


The winner is the team that holds the Domination point at the end of the allotted time, usually 10 minutes. Domination point lights with the color of the team that holds it.

If the team has destroyed all the players of the opposite team, but the point still remains the color of the opposite team (ie, the point was not repainted), then it loses.

If none of the teams managed to take a point, then the game ends in a draw, regardless of how many active players are left in both teams.

This scenario is very interesting because it allows you to play a number of different tactics. For example, if your team has players who can run very fast, you can first try to capture a Domination point by one or two stormtroopers, and then locate the snipers so that the other team will not be able to take it. Or vice versa, you can first locate your team players to repel the first attack off the opposite team to the Domination point, and then try to capture it. You can just work around the opposite team’s back, destroy all players and only then capture the Domination point. So, you have a lot of tactical options in this scenario.

Death match scenario

Game process 

Two teams with a minimum of 4 people (optimally from 6 persons) are separated to the opposite sides of the location and start the game after the specified signal. Each team’s goal is to destroy as many players of the opposing team as it can.

The game ends after the specified period of time, depending on the complexity and size of the location. But usually a 10-minute limit is enough fo rmost locations. 

All dead players gather at certain place outside the game location. No respawn.


After 10 minutes, the winner is the team which has more active players, regardless of whether they were wounded or not.




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