Ztag Gunless Laser Tag rental in los angeles


Red Light, Green Light

👉 All players start green, but you have to stop if you see red!
👉 OBJECTIVE: Be the last one moving

Zombie Survival

👉 Its survivors, doctors, and zombies
👉 OBJECTIVE: Doctors heal while zombies try to infect other players

Pattern Match

👉 Find your matching player
👉 OBJECTIVE: Match the most shapes before time runs out
ZTAG Gunless Laser Tag is a unique and exciting game that promotes teamwork, communication, physical activity, and problem-solving skills among players. It can be customized to fit the needs and preferences of different groups, such as: summer camps, company employees, and college and university students.

Overall, ZTAG is a fun and immersive game that provides a unique and memorable experience for players of all ages.
A command center controls the games and keeps everything in sync. Each player has a wristband tracker outfitted with its own screen, vibration motor, and speaker. It also includes a motion sensor, an infrared emitter, and detector.
We can play 3 games with it: Zombie Survival, Red Light/Green Light and Pattern Match.
No guns or vests, just a wearable tagger. Players tag each other just by getting close!

✅  Gunless alternative to Laser Tag

✅  Proximity based laser tag where people are tagged based on how close they are to another person

✅  No contact, no aiming, no shooting just run around and get close enouph to tag another player

✅  Kids have to respond to the prompts, run after things, like in a video game

✅  Each player wears a wristband tracker outfitted with its own screen, vibration motor and a speaker

✅  Also incudes a motion censor, infrated emitter and a detector

✅  We run everything from the command center and display the score on the computer screen

Ztag rental Pricing in los angeles

Ztag rental 12 players at once

90-Minute Parties
2 Hours Parties
UP TO 16 ZTAGGERS Wearable Gaming Devices
Wearable tagger senses motion and proximity and allows players to easily interact through a variety of game modes. Technical Specs
Haptic feedback Color display, speaker, LED lights
ZUES Command Center which displays a score on the computer
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Frequently asked questions

Does ZTAG have to be played outside?

NO! ZTAG is able to be played indoor or outdoor. It also happens to have one of the smallest space requirements. Limited on space? ZTAG may be the right choice for you!

Is it safe?

ZTAG is just as safe as any game of tag played by players of any age. In fact, with our referees running every game, ZTAG is actually very safe.

What if we cant host the event on our property?

Most local parks departments are willing to allow you to use a public park for an event like ours. We recommend giving them a call to see what your options are. We are fully insured and can provide a certificate if needed. In the last 7 years Totally Rad has cultivated relationships with many parks departments and companies, feel free to call us and ask about your options depending on your location.

Will players be entertained for the full amount of time?

With the ability to play several different game types, our ability to change the style of gameplay allows us to get the players to reinvest in the game several times over the course of the event.

Do we need a big piece of property to book an event?

NO, not at all. ZTAG can be played on a space as small as 20x20ft. Indoor or outdoor, large or small room, large or small property...ZTAG can play on them all.

Is ZTAG right for our event?

Chances are... YES!! Are your players too young for Tactical Laser Tag? Are you limited to a small room indoors? Are you looking for a game that can be played with a combination of young players and their families? If your answer to any of these questions were yes....then you already have your answer!

Totally Rad COMBO Party
The BEST of Both Worlds!

3 Hour Parties
(90 Minutes each activity)
The ULTIMATE party! Includes 90 minutes of gaming with our Game Truck,  or utdoor Video Game Tower and 90 minutes of Laser Tag with our high-tech Battle Rifle Pro laser tag system or 90 minutes of Ztag, Hero Blast or Foam Party or 90 minutes of Nerf Wars!
Game Truck or Game  Tower, Laser Tag, Nerf or Foam are running one after another or at the same time! Game tower includes all games and consoles.
Laser Tag includes equipment for up to 12 players at once. (We can rotate players for larger groups.
Our Game Coach/Referee instructs players and runs the fun!
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Booking Request

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