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Hero Blast

Hero Blast Laser Tag - A Revolutionary
Junior Laser Tag System

Hero Blast is a laser tag system that's fun for all ages! It is jam-packed with one-of-a-kind features such as a powerful speaker, vibrational feedback, full color touch screen controls, a safety wrist strap, multi-function activation buttons, advance laser optics, a light up aiming sight, and gesture-based controls and functions. Players can even choose to be a Commando, Titan or Medic.

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Action Packed Features!

hero blast laser tag
One size fits all design.
All-in-one: Tagger both transmits and receives hits
Wireless Vest with 4 hit points provided to all guests
Centralized Control station to quickly restart games
Light-weight (1lb 15oz)
hero blast laser tag

Prices & Services

Accommodates up to 12 players
playing at same time

hero blast laser tag

Hero Blast Laser Tag

1.5 Hours Parties
2 Hours Parties
Up to 12 Handheld Laser Hero Blasters
Tactical vests for each player
Three Character Modes: Commando, Titan & Medic
Game Modes: Team Matchplay, Free-For-All, Team Death Match, Team Dominator
Camo Pop-up “Bunkers” for cover
A Game Coach/Referee to set up the field and instruct and

run games
Booking Request
Additional units available upon request for $25 per player

Hero Blast Equipment

Hero Blaster

Fits like a glove to player’s wrist allowing gamers to power-on and commence play quickly.

Powerful speaker and vibration feedback
Light up aiming sight
Full colour touch-screen display and controls
Safety wrist-strap
Multi-function buttons
Gesture-based controls and functions
Advanced laser optics

Vest And Cape

Designed for younger players in need of the ultimate ‘Super Hero’ experience.
Fitted with multiple sensors primed to detect opposition of friendly fire.
A cape can be attached to complete the outfit. Constructed from hard wearing Cordura material, can be cleaned and recommissioned in minutes.

Hard wearing Cordura
Force sensors built in
Four colours
Cape included

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Frequently asked questions and answers

What is Hero Blast?

Hero Blast is laser tag without a gun! Perfect for ages 4-10 years old! You even get to choose the kind of hero you want to be Titan, Commando, and Medic. The hand held unit blaster vibrates as well!

What do this package come with?

12 Hero Blast units, 12 vests and 6 camouflage tents/bunkers.

Does the Hero Blast need a scoring system?

The Hero Blast does not require a scoring system, but it is fully compatible with the CCM. The Command Center Module (CCM) is used in conjunction with the ICE software to wirelessly connect and control every laser tag gun, headband, vest, and peripheral device.

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