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ELITE WATER GUN WARS - SPYRA LX The World's Strongest Water Gun


Water guns have never been so much fun as when you are playing with all your friends and using our water guns, Spyra. This takes water gun battles to a whole new level of action. Shoot blasts of water at your competition with our high tech water rifles. We bring bunkers for you and your guests to hide behind.

Don't let the pictures fool you, guests of all ages will love playing Water Gun Wars. Water tag is a fun party idea that keeps guests cool! These new highly technological water blasters are hard to beat on a hot summer day!  Just like laser tag, teams are chosen and the water war will begin! However there are no batteries or sensors – just shoot it to hunt down your opponents! Once you are hit, you are out. We provide the water blasters and refill stations! Whoever is not hit at the end of the battle wins. 

 Safety is our first and foremost objective. Injuries in this game are unlikely, but we won’t take any chances with the player's eyesight. Goggles, which we supply, are required for participants in this game, just for added safety.
We can make the games as long or short as you like. The number of people at the party will influence the game lengths. Big parties work better with shorter games. That way, kids stay more involved and get to rotate in more often. Older kids often like longer games. We typically recommend 10 minute games. That gives the kids a chance to take a quick breather and grab a drink or go to the bathroom whenever they need to. 

   ***Please have a sufficient water source at the event location to provide a continuous supply of water to the playing field***


Price details 

90-Minute Parties
2 Hours Parties
12 Water Spyra LX Blasters, Safety Glasses/Goggles for players and 2 "Refilling Station" buckets.
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