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Totally Rad Water Tag Parties

Make a "Splash" at your next Los Angeles area birthday party!

What is Water Tag?

Water tag is a fun party idea that keeps guests cool! These vests & water blasters are hard to beat on a hot summer day! Just like laser tag, teams are chosen and the water war will begin! However there are no batteries or sensors – just your Water Tag vest that accumulates water each time you are hit and water blasters to hunt down your opponents! We provide the water blasters (with a 70ft range) and refill stations! Whoever has the least water in their water gauge at the end of the battle wins.

Half-Day Rental

Includes 10 Water Tag vests
10 Water Blasters
Safety Glasses/Goggles for players
2 "Refilling Station" buckets.
Choose from 9am-2pm or 3pm-8pm.
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Full-Day Rental

Includes 10 Water Tag vests
10 Water Blasters
Safety Glasses/Goggles for players
2 "Refilling Station" buckets
Full Day rental runs from 9am until 8pm.
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Frequently ask question and answer

What type of water guns do you use?

The water guns we use with Water Tag are “syringe” style water guns. You place the barrel below water and suck up water into the gun like a syringe. Push the back of the gun and you spray all the water out making players really, really wet! They take one or two seconds to fill, so no more trying to pour water into a tiny opening to fill the water chamber. Players dip the end of the gun into the water refill station, pull the handle back, and are ready for action again. They make for action packed games.

Do you require players to wear eye protection?

Safety is our first and foremost objective. Injuries in this game are unlikely, but we won’t take any chances with player’s eyesight. Goggles, which we supply, are required for participants in this game, just for added safety.

Can you give me a few “Event/Birthday Party Tips”?

KIDS’ SAFETY is the most important thing to us. It is your responsibility to be sure all kids follow the rules of both Totally Rad Video Games and your own homeowner insurance policy. We are not responsible for kids actions and/or lack of good judgment like kids running out into the street

How long does one game take?

We can make the games as long or short as you like. The number of people at the party will influence the game lengths. Big parties work better with shorter games. That way, kids stay more involved and get to rotate in more often. Older kids often like longer games. We typically recommend 10 minute games. That gives the kids a chance to take a quick breather and grab a drink or go to the bathroom whenever they need to.

How old should the players be?

Anyone 5 and up can play this game. The water blasters are easy to use and small enough for small hands to handle. For 5 and 6 year old kids, parental participation and assistance is required.

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